Don’t worry, we’ve got you covered. No matter your previous experience or fitness level, indoor cycling is a great low-impact exercise with limitless potential.

Our methodology is 100% scalable – whether you’re a first time rider or a seasoned athlete, we work hard together to achieve breakthroughs and personal bests each and every ride. We have new riders in almost every spin class and our instructors and staff are always there to help you set-up, clip in and start your class.

Get ready for high intensity fat-burning cardio and a full-body workout.


Drink lots of water throughout the day. Be sure to drink plenty of water before, during, and after your ride.


Food is fuel. Fuel up, you’ll need it. We recommend eating a light snack 30 minutes before you ride.


Wear an athletic top and form-fitting pants, tights or shorts. Bring socks, running shoes and a water bottle. Westward offers complimentary SPD cleats in most shoe sizes at a first-come-first-serve basis. Due to limited size runs, we still encourage riders to bring their own running shoes.


Nothing’s worse than a last minute set-up! Do yourself a favor and come to the studio 15 minutes before class starts. Unclaimed bikes are given away 5 minutes before class begins.


Make sure you claim that bike! If you signed up in advance, you will need to check-in on our iPad. We encourage all first time riders to choose bikes in either the second or back row so that they can follow along with the rhythm of the class.


A New Rider Waiver must be completed either online when you create your MINDBODY account or signed in-person prior to first class.


Make sure you rehydrate post-ride. Bottled water and Westward water bottles are also available for sale at the front desk.


If you have time post-ride, take advantage of our fully stocked shower and towel service. We pride ourselves on our well-appointed beauty bar so please let us know if we missed anything.

Snag a spot in the second or back row. The first row is only recommended for experienced riders. We encourage new riders to sign up for a spot either in the second or back row so you can follow along with the rhythm of the pack. Each rider has their own style so use them as a guide to find what feels good for you. Bikes may be switched to ensure a great first ride with us.

Keep the beat. Let the music dictate your bike’s resistance. Decrease resistance if you’re having trouble keeping up and increase resistance if you’re pedaling faster than the pros.

Let loose + have FUN. Don’t worry if you aren’t a ‘natural’, no one is in their first class. Get lost in the music, vibe to the energy and just pedal those legs as fast as you can. It’s amazing where the music can take you if you let it.

Overall, you should expect the first class to be challenging, but rewarding. If you feel a little lost during your first ride, you’re not alone. As you acclimate to our methodology, you will learn how to maximize your experience in class. Riders tell us it typically takes 2 – 3 classes to “get it.” Like any sport or skill – you will get a little better with each ride.

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