Westward Cycle offers multiple classes a day, six days a week. Each ride can be reserved up to 7 days in advance. You can also reserve an available bike any time during the week, up to 60 minutes before the class starts. Before you can reserve a bike, you must have paid rides in your account.


Something came up? Cancel your ride at least 8 hours before the start time to give others a chance to join the ride. If cancelled 8+ hours prior to class time, your ride credit will be refunded to your account. Ride credits will not be returned for late cancels / late arrivals / no shows.


5 minutes before class starts any unclaimed bikes will be given to standby riders. If you are running a few minutes late, please call the studio to hold your spot. **Please note** once the Westward class begins and the doors are closed, riders will not be allowed to enter the class.


If your favourite class is full, join the waitlist. Don’t worry, the waitlist works! As bikes open up, we give them away to riders on the waitlist in the order that they signed up. In order to sign up for the waitlist, you must have an available ride credit that will get redeemed at the time of sign up (you will not be able to use the same credit to reserve another class). If you don’t get a bike, the credit will be returned to your account to be used at a future date.

8+ hours before the class

If a bike opens up, you will be automatically added into the class, and will receive an email. No confirmation is required by the rider. The standard cancellation policy will be in effect — you will need to cancel 8+ hours prior to the class in order to be refunded the ride credit to your account.

1.5 – 8 hours before the class

During this window, if you are on the waitlist and a bike opens up, then you will be added into the class and notified by email. No confirmation is required by the rider. As it is less than 8 hours prior to the class, ride credits will not be returned for cancels / no shows. However, if you are still on the waitlist — and prior to being added to a class — you can cancel at any time without losing your ride credit.

<1.5 hours before the class

If a bike becomes available less than 1.5 hours before class, waitlist riders will be notified by a phone call. If a rider cannot be reached or decides not to take the bike, they will not be charged and we will call the next person on the waitlist. If a rider has confirmed to be added into the class, but is a no-show, the standard cancellation policy will apply.

**We do not offer the option of ‘switching’ classes. If you are scheduled for one class and then receive a bike from the waitlist for another class, you will be charged for both reservations.**